Effects of Plastics (Micro Plastics) in the Field of Farming

Effects of Plastics (Micro Plastics) in the Field of Farming

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2023-01-05 )

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Plastic residues have become a serious environmental problem in areas where agricultural plastic films are used intensively. Although numerous of studies have been done to assess its impacts on soil quality and crop yields, the understanding of meso-plastic particles effects on plant is still limited. In this current work, we assumed that different farming systems could affect the accumulation and distribution of plastic debris in agricultural soil. We hypothesized that Under thesame farming system, continues plastic mulching could accumulate plastics (MaPs) mass than intermittent plastic mulching ;farming system of higher mechanical intensity could lead to higher fragmentation of MaPs and create more MiPs (microplastics (MiPs)) than farming system of lower mechanical intensity. To test our hypothesis, the study will be conducted in two parts:part-1: the literature work will be done with the statistical approach . Part-2:we will be identifying two regions in Anantapur .First study region is characterized by small-scale farmlands with low levels of agricultural mechanization. Second study region is characterized by large-scale farmlands and high levels of agricultural mechanization.

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Agriculture, horticulture, forestry, fishery, nutrition