Prevention of Cyber Hoax Indonesian Armed Force

Prevention of Cyber Hoax Indonesian Armed Force

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2022-11-14 )

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Motivated by the development of information dissemination, especially in social media which is a challenge for the public relations field in managing the image and good name of an institution or organization. The Indonesian Air Force (TNI AU) is carried out by the Air Force Information Service (Dispenau).The existence of hoax news and hate speech about the Indonesian Air Force has caused Dispenau to formulate a strategy to build the public quickly and precisely so that the public can change quickly from negative to positive with the right way of managing social media. analyze the strategies used by Dispenau in countering hoaxes and hate speech on social media so that they can be formed or developed, which is expected to improve the image of the Indonesian Air Force. The method used is qualitative with a descriptive approach. While the technique used to process the data in this research is the data triangulation technique. Based on the research, the author proposes a suggestion: Dispenau must maintain good relations with the mass media to create a good public about the Indonesian Air Force. Dispenau must also encourage Indonesian Air Force personnel to actively use social media.

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Dr. Parulian Simamora
Prof. Dr. Dian Damayanti
Kapten Sus Mikhael Ikrar Bakti

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Public law, Administrative-, Constitutional Procedural Law