Factors Associated with the Length of Hospital Stay of Women After C/S

Factors Associated with the Length of Hospital Stay of Women After C/S

Large Population Study of the Health Public Sector to Influence the Length of Hospital Stay of Women Undergoing Cesarean

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2022-11-04 )

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Caesarean section amongst Nigerian women, couples and families are surrounded by a lot of fears, miseries, aversions, guilt, and misconceptions for reasons varying from the desire by women to have a natural vaginal birth, or fear of surgery, cultural beliefs, religious practices, morbidity and deaths from the operation and prolonged hospital stay.Considering that the length of hospital stay of patients for similar reasons is heterogeneous, that is, there is a coefficient of variation due to the differences in the care offered by the various health institutions and to the diversity in the patients’ individual characteristics, especially their complications and comorbidities, the objective of this study was to evaluate the impact of these clinical conditions and age group on the length of hospitalization of women undergoing cesarean section.

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Research on Woman and gender