Socio-Religious Contributions of Muslim Tamils

Socio-Religious Contributions of Muslim Tamils

Customs, Practices and Services in Religious Perspectives

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2022-11-03 )

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Asia is home to all Muslim Tamils who have made their mark in several fields and have played a constructive role in Asia's economic rise and cultural influence across the world. Muslim Tamils involved in various trades. Muslim Tamils are identifiable by a common language and religion. Otherwise, they belong to multiple ethnicities such as Dravidian, Aryan, Oriental, Malay, Semitic etc. The home language of Sri Lankan Muslim Tamils and those of Tamil Nadu is Tamil. The Muslim Tamil (spoken at home) in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu is a dialect in that it has substantial number of Turko-Perso-Arabic loan words. There are close cultural systems between the Muslims of Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu. This book may serve as a stepping-stone to a further study in Socio-religious aspects and their contributions. This work provides opportunities in research within the framework of socio-religious study of Muslim Tamils. Socio-religious practices display the common patterns among the Muslims of Tamil Nadu, common customs among this ethnic group are discussed in this work. Religious contributions in Quranic sciences are also discussed in this book.

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K M A Ahamed Zubair

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