A Geospatial Study on Ground Water Management-Visakhapatnam, India

A Geospatial Study on Ground Water Management-Visakhapatnam, India

A Study on the Quality, Distribution and Managementof Ground Water in Visakhapatnam District,Andhra Pradesh, India

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2022-10-25 )

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Having a safe drinking water is an internationally accepted human right. One of the ten targets of the millennium development goals report is the proportion of people without sustainable access of safe drinking water to halve by 2015. The issues of sustainability and maintenance of quality of drinking water supplied is, therefore an area of concern for all countries. If the quality of water is suitable for drinking, it can also be acceptable for other purposes. The Visakhapatnam district, in Andhra Pradesh, India experiences a dry-humid climate. Area of the Visakhapatnam district is underlined by the Precambrian Eastern Ghats and recent formations. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people. With the frequent failures of monsoon, groundwater has become a potential resource to meet several needs. Excessive use of groundwater, declined rate of rainwater recharge in addition to other environmental factors, the groundwater quality is posing health problems, besides effecting agricultural and industrial development. As a result, constraints for better living conditions of the rural community have increased.

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Pisini Satyanarayana

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