Modalities Used In Trigger Points

Modalities Used In Trigger Points

Physiotherapy Trigger Point Modalities

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2022-09-28 )

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Trigger points develop in the myofascial, mainly in the center of a muscle belly where the motor endplate enters (primary or central TrPs). Those are palpable nodules within the tight muscle at the size of 2-10 mm and can demonstrate at different places in any skeletal muscles of the body. We all have TrPs in the body. Can be present even in babies and children, but their presence does not necessarily result in the formation of pain syndrome. When it happens, TrPs are directly associated with myofascial pain syndrome, somatic dysfunction, psychological disturbance and restricted daily functioning. Primary or Central TrPs are those that cause severe pain locally at the pressure with irradiation according to referred pain map. Usually are based around the center of a muscle belly. Secondary or Satellite TrPs arise in response to existing central trigger points in surrounding muscles. They usually spontaneously withdraw when the central TrP is healed. Can be present in the form of a cluster.

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