Evaluation of Rebar Corrosion in RC Using Non-destructive Testing

Evaluation of Rebar Corrosion in RC Using Non-destructive Testing

Evaluation of Rebar Corrosion in RC using Acoustic Emission, Electrochemical Noise and Surface Strain of Concrete

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2022-09-01 )

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In this study corrosion in reinforced concrete is studied by means of non-destructive techniques of acoustic emission, electrochemical noise, and surface strains of the concrete. The cases are considered as the situation in which structures face deterioration after a long time of service life in which their rebars are corroded. To repair such structures different materials are developed with high properties. However, studies show that after repairing, the structure faces a different situation of corrosion. The corrosion accumulates around the interface of old and new material. In this research, this situation is studied. Mainly in the results, it is considered to find a correlation between the methods using different characteristics during corrosion occurrence. It is found that the methods have a good correlation with each other. EN showed corrosion process information from the electrochemical process which is happening electrochemically to the rebar. However, AE measured the corrosion process by recording elastic waves released from corrosion-induced fractures. Concrete surface strains detected corrosion process through corrosion-induced concrete volume expansion.

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Ejazulhaq Rahimi

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