Globalization's Effects on Mining Communities under Economic Reshuffle

Globalization's Effects on Mining Communities under Economic Reshuffle

Case study in Roşia Montană

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2022-08-17 )

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The 1st documented settlement in Romania, and perhaps one of the country's most famous rural locations, is Roşia Montană (R. M.). It is here where we carried out our research and case study on the effects of globalization on the mining communities that had already been undergoing economic reshuffle in this sector, resulting in a strong social impact on the community. Examining the R. M. community is a much more challenging and interesting strive because of its unique traits, unparalleled to other mining settlements in Romania in many respects.The present book aims to pinpoint the perception of current locals of R. M. and former residents displaced and now residents of the Recea neighbourhood in Alba Iulia, on the main effects on the community, family and property in R. M. caused by the emergence of the R. M. Gold Corporation (RMGC). At the same time, we surveyed the locals’ current perception on the mining community in the Apuseni Mountains, their livelihoods and different aspects of community life in general. Having set the general objective for the present research, I'll operate with common concepts of the social sciences domain: the concept of community & the concept of family.

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Bogdan Nicolae Mucea

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