Mitigating Energy Poverty

Mitigating Energy Poverty

How we can use power-cut job orders

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2022-08-06 )

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The increasing energy bills, which were soared by the increase in the prices of coal and gas resources, have made the energy prices a common agenda for all energy consumers. We focus on the arrears to the invoice, which constitutes the reason for power-cut shall be accepted as the main indicator. An alternative supporting mechanism design has been developed against the 3 main problems of the support mechanism, which are providing rights without obligations, design for long-term and design without additional resources. Suggested supporting topology searches an annual energy efficiency performance to apply. Regarding the fact that 50% of the debts going to foreclosure for the utilities are subject to bankrupt, we put the constraints for the mathematical approach, it has been analyzed with 3 different mathematical models and proved that, efficiency-based support can be provided to the people suffering from energy poverty at a rate that the infrastructure companies will not be effected. The study, which uses the real consumption and debt information of more than 6 million subscribers, has potential to ease the difficulties of the people suffering from energy poverty.

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