Psychopathological symbolism through and beyond the DSM-5 grid

Psychopathological symbolism through and beyond the DSM-5 grid

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2022-08-01 )

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This book presents a series of severe psychiatric cases, from the category of patients who have lost the opportunity to anticipate the consequences of the facts and actions for which they are responsible. There are clinical cases treated in a psychiatric hospital, caught in moments of significant decompensation, psychotic productivity, disorganization of language, thinking and behavior, lack of insight into the disease. In their way of reporting, the young specialists respect the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria, beyond which the positive or negative prognostic factors are taken into account, as well as the symbolic significance of them, in which pseudoreminences are identified and the initial traumatic situation is rebuilt, currently reeling in delirium. The peculiarity of the book is the perspective of psychodynamic psychiatry, in which the affiliation of delusional ideation or sensory productivity acquires significance in the act of interpretation given by the specialist, which through the resonance of unconscious to unconscious supports the patient, giving him the feeling of being fully understood. This increases pharmacological compliance and strengthens the therapeutic alliance.

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Simona Trifu

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