Proposal of a Global Handicraft Index for Sustainable Development:

Proposal of a Global Handicraft Index for Sustainable Development:

AVisionary Approachfor Small Industry and Developing Strategies for Handicraft (Rural Industry)

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2022-07-25 )

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The purpose of this work is to give a separate index for the development of handicraft products developing sustainable completion and better utilization of the natural and rural industry and better completion in handicraft industries, conserving the heritage of all country’s handmade tradition, the skill of artisans, making them entrepreneurship to artisans. Among them, we know that whole world is facing a big problem of plastic glass and other population and climate is also affecting due to environmental pollution in the world so if all want to maintain their life and living patter better and sustainable then they should have to make the product for their utility that is sustainable and utility decorative and that will have to give local job and enhancing the local talent of the artisan and rural, tribal people special women. We know that all are workers but want to be entrepreneurs and earn their mount and increase the GDP of their country and in last want to be happy in the world.

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Uma Shankar Yadav Ravindra Tripathi
Mano Ashish Tripathi
Gyan Prakash Yadv

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General Humanities