Natural Products as Storage Medium for Avulsed Tooth

Natural Products as Storage Medium for Avulsed Tooth

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2022-06-06 )

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Dental avulsion is a typical type of trauma in which the tooth is completely dislodged from the alveolar socket. Although immediate re-implantation of the tooth at the site of the trauma would be ideal, this may not be achievable in many cases. As a result, the avulsed tooth may need to be stored or transported in a suitable medium until it can be re-implanted.The biological qualities of the storage media have a substantial impact on the success of re-implantation, as it must be capable of retaining the PDL cells' viability, clonogenic ability, and mitogenic ability in order for re-implantation to be successful.The utilization of natural products as storage media for avulsed teeth is the main subject of this book. Natural items such as milk, coconut water, propolis, green tea, red mulberry, Aloe vera, egg white, and pomegranate were discovered to be capable of preserving the viability of avulsed tooth periodontal ligament cells.Only a few natural goods, such as coconut water and milk, can be consumed raw, but others, such as green tea and red mulberry, must be processed.In vitro tests have demonstrated that natural products have good properties; however, more in vivo investigation.

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