Housing cooperatives

Housing cooperatives

Agents for overcoming poverty

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2023-03-09 )

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Since 1844 cooperatives have agreed to be governed by common principles and values that identify them through its worldwide federative organization. Those principles and values have been reviewed several times, updating their universal meaning, broadening it and making it specific in the appropriate sphere to the characteristics of the requirements of members and society in benefit of the common good. Important adjustments have been made with updates in 1995 and 2012, with an influence on the adjustment of the ethic by which they are identified. Cooperatives are associations of people whose purpose is to provide services or produce goods for their members. The subject, agent, principle, and objective of their acts is the person, and the structure of their action is subject-subject, which distinguishes them from companies of a different nature whose purpose is a subject-object relationship. They have included in their practices the seventeen SDG’s of the 2030 U.N. Agenda, making a solidary contribution to overcoming poverty, social sustainability, and maintenance of the Environment not only of their members and workers but also of the communities around them.

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Ramón Santelices Tello
Caroline Escher Brockie (Tr.)

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