Comic in Sustainable Development Goals to Transform

Comic in Sustainable Development Goals to Transform

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2022-05-06 )

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The world keeps on changing at a pace much faster than what we imagine. The impacts of the pandemic limit our physical mobility and social interaction. However, the book of Dr. Shirley YEUNG makes us realize what and how to relearn to overcome physical limitations with art, life reflection and research support. We now rethink how to live and accommodate via disruptive education and business models during an interactive remote and hybrid experience. The metaverse mindset proposed by Dr. Shirley YEUNG (Chair, Metaverse Mindset Project, UNSDSN-Kenya) seems to trigger us to reshape the world of work, live and play in an innovative immersive form with collaboration, digitalization, virtualization and gamification technologies and sustainable/metaverse mindsets. The book is found with research and comics for readers to learn in a fun and practical way, reconnecting the communities with social connection, probably in a virtual world. Congratulations to Dr. Shirley YEUNG's new book which provides a fresh reading experience to readers across the miles. Song YANG

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Dr. Shirley Mo Ching YEUNG

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Business management