Drought Assessment and Monitoring Using Remote Sensing Data

Drought Assessment and Monitoring Using Remote Sensing Data

Man River Basin, Maharashtra

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2022-01-17 )

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Drought is a regular natural calamity that occurs in some part or the other. Some areas are clearly recognized as a drought prone area. The drought prone areas are demarcated on the basis of a combination of actual annual rainfall and the percentage of irrigated area to the net cropped area. The revenue department assesses yield loss through conventional method. The drought assessments might not have been carried out using scientific methods for demarcation of drought prone area and so the resources utilized to tackle might not have reached the real affected regions and people. Historic analysis of droughts using a systematic scientific methodology will support in recognizing the drought proneness of a region and helps the planners to take necessary action in precise manner. At present we do not have complete and practically related approach to define or analyse droughts.This study assessment and monitoring meteorological and agricultural drought intensity and also suggest the highest possibility of success of growing a specific crop in Man river basin.

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Rajekhan Shikalgar

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