Water Resources and Climate Change from History to Covid-19 Vaccines

Water Resources and Climate Change from History to Covid-19 Vaccines

in the MENA regions (Middle East and North Africa)

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2021-11-05 )

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This book reviews the latest information on the assessment of surface and groundwater resources, climate change and Covid-19 vaccines in the MENA regions (Middle East and North Africa): from History to Covid-19 vaccines (April 2021). It summarized the country profile of the Middle East and North Africa of key information that gives an overview of the water resources and water use at the national level. This book is an important contribution about countries from a region of crucial importance for water management. Physical, natural, socio-economic, and political constraints make this region a sort of “laboratory” for water management around the world. This book is aimed at students, academics, researchers, engineers and managers who wish to develop an in-depth understanding of various topics relevant to sustainably managing water resources. It discusses a wide variety of topics, including water, Climate Change and Covid-19. It is assumed that the reader has a basic knowledge of water resources. The book is a resource for researchers and engineers working on water resources in MENA regions. It serves as an access point to the scientific literature.

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Noureddine Gaaloul

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