Understanding Learning Disabilities/ Difficulties

Understanding Learning Disabilities/ Difficulties

Definition, Scope and Causes;Symptoms and Prevention;Identification and Assessment of Students.

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2021-11-04 )

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Most frequently curriculum specialist spend seemingly endless hours in gathering, classifying and organizing information adjudged desirable in inculcating in the learner appropriate knowledge, attitudes and skills. But the curriculum, no matter how perfect it may seem, cannot replace the teacher.The teacher is the single most important tool of fostering the frontier of education. He can also be the single most important instrument of destroying creativity in the learners. If the teacher, for example, is poorly prepared, the total process of education would be handicapped.In the Nigerian context of education, teacher education has remained ignorant of the enviable implication of special educational strategies in the process of teacher preparation. The end result of teacher education is the training (preparation) of disciplined and competent career teachers for our system of education.Special Education is that profession concerned with the arrangement of educational variables leading to the prevention, reduction or outright elimination of those conditions that produce significant defects in learning academic work, communicative, locomotors or adjustive functioning of children.

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