Building & Sustaining a Resilient EU Nursing Workforce & Healthcare

Building & Sustaining a Resilient EU Nursing Workforce & Healthcare

The Future of the European Union - Nurses Impact

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2021-10-13 )

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Over the last 50 years, the EFN has been providing a broad platform for developing health and social EU policy by supporting the European Union decision-making process on all areas which affect the nursing profession. More than ever, it is crucial for nurses to engage and proactively contribute to EU health and social policies, in the complex and challenging society we operate in as frontline healthcare professionals. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the added value of the nursing workforce to the European healthcare ecosystems – working at the frontline of care, at the bedside with the patient, and providing the evidence that nurses’ competencies are central to the functioning of healthcare systems in the EU. It is crucial that when co-creating a new ‘Future for Europe’ EU politicians and policy makers grasp the frontline reality, pushing for health policies that are fit-for-purpose. The short- and long-term resilience of the EU health service relies of having an effective pool of nurses and the optimal number of nurses in the population. Resilience can only be achieved if the EU supports nurses. We need more Europe in Health and more Health in Europe!

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