Human Energy in Organizations

Human Energy in Organizations

Transformational Leadership as means for creating and sustaining Productive Organizational Energy and Team Performance

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2021-10-06 )

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Team performance is important at work and in organizational psychology as it aims to promote human energy. Human energy is more than just a “New Age” concept, it has a substantial and predictable effect on performance and innovation in organizations. The book reveals the model of human energy as a scientifically-based approach and transformational leadership as a development tool, which already has spread in all sectors of western societies, including educational organizations. The materials and recommendations can be used to assist organizations in identifying practices, processes and initiatives, which can have a positive impact on team performance and organizational energy. The general conclusion is that transformation leadership lays a positive dynamic in the development of team performance for success. The organizations can progress productive performance and create sustainability in a particular manner by focusing on their human resources; considering their growth, development and well-being.

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Anna Kvelde

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Business management