Primary Math Adaptations for Visually Impaired and Hearing Impaired

Primary Math Adaptations for Visually Impaired and Hearing Impaired

Efficacy of Adapted “Simplified Activity Based Learning (SABL)”in Mathematics for Hearing and Visually Impaired

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2021-09-24 )

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Government of Tamilnadu has come up with The SABL concept which has been taken from the Rishi Valley practices. The ABL approach is unique and effective to attract out-of -school children to schools/AIE centres. The teachers involved in implementing this method have developed activities for each learning unit which facilitated readiness for learning, instruction, reinforcement and evaluation. ABL has transformed the classrooms into hubs of activities and meaningful learning. SABL System helps in including children with disability in the regular school. The cards in the system are very attractively made for the students. As basic life skills are taught to the kids at the primary level like numbers, arithmetic, shapes the children shall acquire these concepts clearly with the help of the adapted cards. The better access to math through adapted ABL cards will ensure equalizing educational opportunities to the children with hearing/visual impairment and help them develop to their fullest possible potential. The result of this would enable better results in ABL and an eye opener for the officials. This study would be a key to academic inclusion of the children with disabilities.

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V. Mrunalini
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