Security and Insecurity are household words even among children today. Women, children and elderly are most vulnerable in the face of global insecurity. While adults and parents can to an extent handle their immediate security issues that may see them avoid, escape and control security threats, same cannot be said about children. Therefore, the safety and security of adults does not translate to safety of children. They are exposed, endangered and uninformed. We are investing in their education, leisure and career without commensurate investment in their security.It is on the strength of the above that the author Mazi Agodi Kanu who's also the author of Community Policing: Security the Gated community (facts, cases and nuggets) conceptualized the idea of ​​getting our children and young adults acquainted with basic security knowledge. It will teach them, guide and guard them, inform them, access them and increase their security consciousness level. It answers some pertinent questions like can children commit crimes? What happen when they do? What security agencies are they likely to face if they do? It further x-rayed the roles of children, family, schools, parents and government.

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Kanu Agodi

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General Humanities