“More Probable than Unlikely”

“More Probable than Unlikely”

A Tale of the Blood-Brain Barrier and Mobile CommunicationDedicated to Leif G, Salford on his 80th birth day 2021-12-07

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2021-09-23 )

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Our team of the clinical researchers in Lund, Sweden, found that electromagnetic radiation, such as those used in mobile communications, even at shallow power values, cause users’ blood albumin to leak through the blood-brain barrier “BBB” into the brain tissue. The BBB is supposed to protect the brain against unwanted and toxic molecules potentially present in the blood, to transfer to the brain tissue. However, our team in Lund found that after exposure of rats to the radiation from mobile telephones, albumin in the blood leak into the brain and accumulates in neurons and glial cells.This matter would be of interest not only for researchers but also for radiation safety authorities and organizations worldwide as well as the general public. The studies performed at the Lund University by: Neurosurgeons: Leif Salford MD, PhD professor em., Henrietta Nittby MD, PhD,Neuropathologist: Arne Brun MD, PhD professor emeritus, Medical Physicist: Bertil RR Persson PhD MDhc prof. em., Jacob Eberhardt PhD, Electric engineer: Lars Malmgren Techn. Dr.

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