Cognitive Schemas, Attachment Styles and Emotional Intelligence

Cognitive Schemas, Attachment Styles and Emotional Intelligence

The role of cognitive schemas in the relationship between attachment style and emotional intelligence

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2021-09-27 )

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Attachment style plays an important role in everybody’s life being present in that from the first moments. It is well known that the first interaction between the child and his mother lays the foundations of attachment. The extent to which it evolves will make the person responsible for their own actions and decisions throughout life. Emotional intelligence is also an important aspect in a person's life helping to better understand the inner world, but also the outer world. Cognitive schemas are responsible for how people build current experiences based on previous ones helping the individual to guide themselves as well as what is surrounding it. Starting from the attachment style and its importance in terms of emotional intelligence, but also cognitive schemas the current study aims to study the relationship between the three variables. The central motivation of the study is to observe how the relationship between attachment styles and emotional intelligence can be influenced by the use of dysfunctional cognitive schemas like emotional deprivation, failure, and seeking approval schemas.

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Elena-Morena Scarlat

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