Phenomenon of City

Phenomenon of City

Mystery of Eternal Cities

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2021-10-06 )

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Today, the humanities and social sciences often cooperate in the same paradigm. The city is a universal model, which requires an inter-disciplinary approach. The goal of our research is to analyze cities and their heterogeneity, the invariable models of the city and their disclosure. Based on inter-and multi-disciplinary discourse, we will concern the complex questions. The topic of the phenomenon of the city is inexhaustible. The city is characterized by its intrinsic visual geometry, eclecticism, coordinated forms, extent, limitations, and restrictions, which render this phenomenon unique in its various embodiments. The city’s variation is as numerous as the variations of city life, which can be studied. The city is a unique, individual phenomenon. It has got a physical form, an icon which is shaped in the longue durée. The city is a tradition. This book is devoted to the creation of the tradition of the city, its invention, development, and the 21st century comprehension. The analysis of cities from different perspectives and the connection of the contemporary cities to the past are the main goals of the book.

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Eka Avaliani

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General Social sciences