A Novel Analysis and Developments in Heat Exchangers

A Novel Analysis and Developments in Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2021-09-23 )

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The present work experimental and simulation investigations have been carried out to study heat transfer, friction factor characteristics of a plain and twisted square ducts, with and without inserts. The experiments are performed for the airflow rate through the tested duct fitted with inserts for Reynolds number varied from 8000 to 40000. To reduce pressure drop and enhance heat transfer, twisted square duct is newly introduced without previous research available. The investigational work has been carried out and the experimentation is completely based upon design of experiments to get the optimum heat transfer rate and lesser pressure drop. Therefore the various process parameters studied are: temperature, velocity, mass flow rate, duct geometry, and shape of inserts. The pertinent parameters of tested duct elements include circular rod inserts, twisted shape square duct with twist ratio 6.12. Influences of these parameters on heat transfer and energy loss due to friction are studied in terms of Nusselt number and friction factor. It seems that twisted square duct is more potentiality in terms of heat transfer due to higher turbulence and twisted shape. It is observed

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M.Udaya Kumar

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Mechanical engineering, manufacturing technology