After Life, Possessive States, Human Life and Disease

After Life, Possessive States, Human Life and Disease

Extracorporeal Human Information

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2021-09-07 )

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Multiple personalities all part of the primitive protoconsciousness field can exist in the same individual as alters active and competing with each other. This creates the dissociative identity disorder, demonic possession states and human disease. This can be described as akin to the ten heads of Ravana. This produces the phenomena of bhootha, pretha and pikshas which are possessive states contributing to human disease and neuropsychiatry. The human disease can be created by multiple alters related to the primitive protoconsciousness field inhabiting the universe and can be modulated by the protoconsciousness field itself by individuals who are force sensitizers. The primitive protoconsciousness field can modulate human behaviour and the past, the present and the future exist in it. This leads on to concepts of past life, predicting present life events or precognition and reincarnation. This leads on to the concept of deathlessness. This also validates astrology and human almanacs.

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Ravikumar Kurup
Parameswara Achutha Kurup

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General Natural Sciences