My Science Academic Articles Collection

My Science Academic Articles Collection

In Medicine Life Science

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2021-09-20 )

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Written by Dr. Yan Wang, a reputed doctor and scientist in medicine and science field in the world. Since 2000 she has worked at Miami University and Pennsylvania University, with immigrant to the United States of America, current became the American Citizenship in the United States, and with important role at the medical organization and national society. The book on the title My Science Academic Articles Collection in Medicine Life Science, with collected her first authored 16 articles at nine publishing catalogs in English language since 1999 till 2020.Dr. Yan Wang has been investigator for the study about smaller molecular as nitric oxide or antioxidant enzymes in biological and physiological function, Lung cell biology and regeneration, and with clinical observation in pulmonary or emergency medicine, she care on science methodology strategy and therapy logical in application. The collected articles have inner core of creation and discovery, beautiful literature description of the author spread the science spiritual in life, which hope readers could have known science curious discovery remote and might obtain noble spiritual from the book in direction of science life.

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