An Introduction to Traditional Medical Practice in Kenya

An Introduction to Traditional Medical Practice in Kenya

Demystifying the Traditional Medical Practice

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2021-10-05 )

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The book gives a general account of a practice which is very common, which many people turn to and one that is not clearly known and least understood by many including the patients and in most cases sought under the cover of darkness. Many people have associated African Traditional medical practice (ATMPc) with witchcraft and labelled the practitioners as wizards. This general classification is misleading and has led to people not being able to differentiate the various categories of practitioners. Furthermore it has disoriented the patients such that they do not know where to go for help to manage specific problem. In African Traditional practice disease is mostly referred to as problems, which denotes the holistic nature the community perceive disease (problem) and how it should be managed (treated). It should be noted that though the practice has been used for decades it remains very important that its efficacy is confirmed. The documentation of this practice will not only provide a mode of treatment but also conserve the associated biodiversity and other medicinal products for posterity.

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Mũsingo Tito E. Mbuvi

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