A Modern Theory of Everything

A Modern Theory of Everything

The Unification of the Fundamental Forces and Physical Theories

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2021-04-01 )

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Specifically, I noticed that in the theory of the chain reaction: The unification of the fundamental forces: Was done by itself in the theory, as in order to develop the “theory of the chain reaction” I used only one interaction the “electromagnetic interaction” corresponds to the “electromagnetic force”, exerted between the elementary particles and all the other forces, be formulated as grades of the electromagnetic force. At the same time, I noticed also that: The unification of the physical theories: Was also done by itself, as the trilogy of the creation, as the reader will have found after completing reading this book, in its three books, does not describe three basic independent theories, unrelated to each other, which I tried to unify, as it happens today with the established model and the theories of relativity, of quanta and of the big bang, but, in essence, the trilogy of the creation is just one theory, which I divided in three theories for better writing and understanding reasons.

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Vaggelis Talios

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Theoretical physics