Nothingness and Love of Japanese Philosophy

Nothingness and Love of Japanese Philosophy

Beyond the difficulties of the Corona Crisis

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2020-09-04 )

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The aim of this book is the development of Japanese philosophy and the overcoming of the corona problem, which is currently the biggest issue. Regarding Japanese philosophy, I treated the philosophies of Kitarō Nishida, Hajime Tanabe and Inazō Nitobe. The philosophy of Nishida begins with Pure Experience and ends with Absolute Nothingness. This nothingness is the flow of life that originates from the nothingness of Lao-tzu in ancient China and the energy that fills the universe. This idea is the basis for the Creation from Nothingness in physics. On the other hand, nothingness works in our thinking as a negative word. It was the philosophy of Tanabe that thoroughly enforced this negativity and preached the Absolute Dialectic based on dialogue. In response to this theoretical philosophy, Nitobe spread the traditional Japanese concept of "Bushidō" to the world by using the European philosophy. I now ask, is it possible that Japanese philosophy can respond to contemporary problems? The answers are in my papers on education, economics, brain physiology and the corona crisis. Infectious diseases bear philosophy. It is the time when a new philosophy is born.

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Kiyokazu Nakatomi

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