Study Of Some Pollutants In The( Surface Microlayer, Subsurface Layer)

Study Of Some Pollutants In The( Surface Microlayer, Subsurface Layer)

Study Of Bacterial Community, Total Hydrocarbons and Heavy metals (Cadmium, Lead) In Al-Hilla River, Iraq .

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2020-08-26 )

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Water pollution is the presence of pollutants in water resources including (rivers, lakes, reservoirs, seas, oceans and groundwater) as a result for human actions. There are many human interventions in the polluting of these resources such as the discharge of untreated wastewater directly leading to the deterioration of ecosystems. thus causes health problems for people living along the riverbed by using it in drinking, swimming, irrigation and so on. Because of water pollution millions of people die every year around the world .The surface microlayer (SML) is the dividing border between the air and water surface. It has physical, chemical and biological properties which are distinctly from subsurface layer (SSL) waters. As its unique place between the air- water, the SML has remained in a distinct research corner. Surface microlayer is characterized by the capacity to accumulate of organic chemical compounds specially proteins, carbohydrates and lipid. The presence of such as energy-rich organic matters in the surface microlayer creates distinct condition for the accumulation and development of aerobic bacteria mainly heterotrophic bacteria forming bacterio-neuston.

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