Paths of enlightenment

Paths of enlightenment

Comparative study of Navoi ghazals with verses and hadiths

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2020-08-26 )

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Alisher Navoi was not only a mature sociologist and statesman but also a philosopher-creator who attracted the attention and attention of great mystics of his time, such as Ubaydullah Khoja Ahror Wali, Abdurahman Jami (which was not an easy task).It is said that a flood arose in the oceans and flooded the world. Then Noah took a pair of animal and plant samples and put them in an ark and saved them from the flood for the future. Alisher Navoi's creative and social activity is reminiscent of Noah. The difference is that Alisher Navoi made the most advanced socio-philosophical and artistic achievements of the Eastern Renaissance by building a ship out of his works, surviving the terrible storms of the centuries and easily passing them on to our time. Navoi's work is valuable and noteworthy as a reflection of the philosophical and artistic thinking of the period, as a product of conceptual views and research of a talented person. In his poems, he meets a philosopher, a lover, a beggar, the owner of a crushed heart; to see the time, its vortex, its destruction; the ruins of wickedness, and the radiant waves of goodness

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