What is China going to be

What is China going to be

its idealism, wisdom and dream

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2020-09-09 )

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100 years ago, Bertrand Russell,the distinguished British philosopher and Nobel Prize winner in literature , said in his book THE PROBLEM OF CHINA, “I believe that, if the Chinese are left free to assimilate what they want of our civilization, and to reject what strikes them as bad, they will be able to achieve an organic growth from their own tradition, and to produce a very splendid result, combining our merits with theirs. ” 100 years later, after more than 40 years’ learning from USSR the model of state socialism and over 40 years’ learning from USA the model of market capitalism, the Chinese market socialism has made such a great success that people are expecting China’s becoming No.1 econ0my of the world. USSR collapsed completely in 1991, out of most intellectuals’ expectation. Then USA went wrong with its finance in 2008 , and made the world economy fall down sharply. In 2020’s COVID-19 fighting, USA performed so terribly that President Trump’s “keep American great” seems disillusioned. Now “what is China going to be”, is not only the problem of China, but also the problem of the world.

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Li Xiaodong

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Political science