Innovation in the Assessment of Technical Education

Innovation in the Assessment of Technical Education

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2020-07-31 )

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The purpose of this book is to explain the aspects of innovative assessment that need to be taken into account in evaluating technical and vocational education programs. The authors believe that in the era of the industry revolution 4.0 new shifts in the assessment of technical education programs were innovations towards universal education sustainability. Innovative technical education assessments should take into account the knowledge and skills of teachers, staff training, the role of administrators and product improvement in stages. The first stage is the assessment of teachers' knowledge and skills, at this stage it is important to ensure the level of knowledge and technical skills of the teachers as well as the selection of teachers according to the option of subjects teaching. Creative and innovative staff training systems needs to be developed at the second stage of staff training evaluation. The third stage, however, is to strengthen the role of the administrator through the commitment and relationship of the administrator with the subject teacher. Knowledge enhancement, skills development and interest should be the focus of the fourth stages of product improvement.

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Mohd Tafizam Mohd Taib
Ramlee Mustapha

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