Assessment of Rural Land Rights and Limitations in Ethiopia

Assessment of Rural Land Rights and Limitations in Ethiopia

The Case of Amhara Region

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2020-08-04 )

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Currently, in Ethiopia all rural lands and natural resources are vested on the hands of the state and the peoples. Because of this constitutional provision, peasants shall not have ownership rights to the land itself, rather they guaranteed a full right to the immovable property he builds and to the permanent improvements he brings about on the land by his labor or capital. Even if there are different arguments regarding to public ownership of land, peasants would prefer land is the common property of the state and the people to be assured the rights of peasants on rural land. Because of the above problem the government should modify the existing compensation system in the event of expropriation and established land to land compensation especially in periphery areas. Plus it improves priority of heirs in case of intestate succession and limitations on the rights of inheritance, donation and lease.

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Sibuh Gebeyaw Tareke

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Acquisition of land /Real estate