Modern Weed Science

Modern Weed Science

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2020-07-27 )

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The Weeds have always attracted the attention of Scientists due to their economic and safety aspects for the humankind. They older than the crops and evolved with added ability to sustain in the nature. The farmers have comprehended their management strategies through noticing crop-weed competition. During early days of civilization, their management was Ecological and Biological only. With time, the chemicals (herbicides) were evolved and found effective in controlling the weeds in crops. Indiscriminate and longer use of herbicides has resulted health and ecological concerns and pressed the scientists to look for alternative. The present era of Machine Cognition and Digital Technology has further rejuvenated the thought, innovation and scientific manoeuvrings to develop safe and effective weed management strategies.The modern thought of preserving biodiversity has further skewed the Weed research. "All Weeds are plant but all plants are not weed". So, time has come to use AI and other digital techniques in the weed science. The present book explores all such possibilities to make reading about the weeds compatible for weed scientists and students.

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Shailendra Kumar Yadav

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Agriculture, horticulture, forestry, fishery, nutrition