Urban Design in Contemporary Society

Urban Design in Contemporary Society

What is the role of the Urban designer?

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2020-06-24 )

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Cities where humans live together also have their own characteristics, just like the personality of a person. For this reason, in order to keep the city in a more developed state, it is necessary to know the characteristics of the city by looking at it and accepting it, as if dealing with a person. If there is no such process, the city will lose the power to develop sustainably, and eventually it will become a city where people leave.When vitality by man disappears, the city loses its original function. Then, for what reason will a city without humans arise and a city with decline? The city was created by human needs, when utility value disappears, people leave, and it gradually declines.If the city has been created by the needs of many people so far, the city in the future must be a city where humans want to stay. Only then can all of the many existing cities survive equally, and the quality of life of those who stay in them can also be improved.Therefore, through this book, I would like to take a look at the significance of urban design, which is the city-related action that is closest to human life and hope to have an opportunity to look back at what the role of urban architect.

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Hwang Sun Ah
Kim Jong Gu
Shin Eun Ho

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