New Perspective of UNSDGs under COVID19

New Perspective of UNSDGs under COVID19

New Discovery of Learning/ Un-learning/ Re-learning - Love of Life for Sustainable Development

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2020-06-26 )

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Fear for change is found in all walks of live and all kinds of organizations. The skills required and the delivery mode of goods and services are quite disruptive under COVID-19 – global issue with social distancing policy to avoid the spread of virus ranking at top priority and the demanding needs on health care related products/ services. A learning organization with proactive sustainable leaders is trying to be sensitive to the latest rules and regulations imposed as they affect not only business operations but also their own lives and families. Hence, the viewpoint of staff, maintenance of a healthy working environment, people interaction, awareness of global changes and adaptation of self to changes are new normal of learning and living. This book provides readers with a new perspective to look at challenges and opportunities in a relaxed, artistic and humanistic way. This echoes to what Dean Eunice Mareth Querol-Areola, Ph.D. HSG mentions in the Book Foreword - "Love of deep interiority and mindfulness, love of humanity, love of life itself."

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Shirley Yeung

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