This book endeavours to review three major features of the poetry of W. B.Yeats viz, - a central pattern of opposites permeating the poet’s consciousness; a dominant trait of mysticism that corroborates much the major tenets of Indian spiritualism or to speak in more specific terms, Hindu mysticism ( though with a difference) and lastly, the ambiguous relation between the ills of old age such as disease and decrepitude and the paradoxical intensity of passion and creative energy resulting in the maturity in the poet’s art. The book contains in each of the chapters, an in-depth analysis of poems simultaneously often with a contextualization of the changes taking place in the poetic world of Yeats which turns out to be a confluence of inputs from diverse fields of interests – erotic, esoteric, political, personal and so on, just to name a few. Though the issues discussed here had received divergent critical attention over the decades, this book focuses a sincere attempt to re-situate the familiar world of Yeats’ poetry and the critical paradigms attached to it, in the light of an overall Oriental perspective.

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Arun Kumar Mukherjee

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English linguistics / literature science