The development of military equipment to the present

The development of military equipment to the present

Weapons, military vehicles, command support systems and military electronics of armed forces to the present

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2020-03-21 )

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The history of the production of weapons is as long as the history of man. When the time of paradise had passed, war became the means to acquire or defend possessions and power by force. Since then, the terms "weapons, command and control support systems, military vehicles, electronics, robot technology and the so-called "war of the stars" have been inseparably linked with the terms "armed forces, peacekeeping and war". The history of weapons, weapon systems, vehicles and electronics used by armed forces in modern times in a condensed form has so far hardly found its way into the German-speaking world. In the study, armed forces are understood as the armed power of a state. It is subdivided into the armed forces, air force and navy. In the individual branches of the armed forces, there are also different types of weapons. The present study presents the development of weapons, weapon systems, vehicles, command support systems and electronics for armed forces and shows that they have been and will continue to be an important driving force of technological development.

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