Elements of Analytical Mechanics and Quantum Physics

Elements of Analytical Mechanics and Quantum Physics

Implicit Bogning Functions and Compact Formulas: Dynamics of Some Physical Systems and Quantum Physics

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2020-03-16 )

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This book has 13 chapters containing 40 simplified physical devices serving as an analysis and problem solving support. Our main concern in this work is to make accessible, to encourage our readers and especially young researchers to the appropriate use of implicit Bogning functions in solving certain problems encountered in physics. We want to try to break a little with the classical routine in the resolution of certain physics problems to introduce new techniques and approaches in solving the equations which model the dynamics of the systems studied. In this perspective, we use the said functions to study the superimposition of plane waves, so-called compact formulas are used for this purpose. These functions are also used to solve the Schrödinger equations while establishing the expressions of the quantum energies generated by the propagation of the plane wave solutions obtained. This book targets students from the undergraduate schools and Masters of physics and applied Mathematics.

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Bogning Jean Roger

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Physics, astronomy