The effects of protected areas on livelihoods of local communities

The effects of protected areas on livelihoods of local communities

A case study of Mokolodi Nature Reserve, Botswana

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2019-02-22 )

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Establishment of protected areas continues to be recognized in many parts of the world as one of the most appropriate strategies of conserving biodiversity. This study focuses on the effects of Mokolodi Nature Reserve on a neighbouring community from the angle of a community that traditionally did not have exclusive access and use of the land that is now the reserve, nor have a claim against it. Effects of the changes that have occurred on the livelihoods of the local people since the establishment of the reserve are looked at, as well as the attitudes and perceptions that people have towards the reserve. Relationships between the reserve management and the local people that have brought changes in the lives of the local people form a key component of this study. Further, ways in which the local people are involved in natural resource management in the area are explored, as well as the reserve’s contribution towards enhancing better and sustainable livelihoods of the local people. The study adopts a qualitative approach, with information being collected by use of structured questionnaires and key informant interviews.

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Lincoln Mwaniki Njiru

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Agriculture, horticulture, forestry, fishery, nutrition