Makumane II

Makumane II

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2017-11-14 )

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Makumane II is sequel to Makumane, a Sesotho book authored by K. E. Ntsane, author of Masoabi Ngoan’a Mosotho oa Kajeno, ‘Musa Pelo 1, Mmusa Pelo II, ‘Na Sajene Kokobela Mohoebi oa Venice and other books. In this book, the author will assemble some of the scripts he wrote on different topics as he navigated through the professional, technocratic and technical issues in the fight against chronic hunger, chronic illness and chronic ignorance. These will form an array of livelihood ideas that were formulated in an effort to present solutions to contemporary development challenges. Although these were originally formulated as project or programme proposals, they will now be presented as models to be tested and validated in accordance with the principles of scientific modelling. Chapter eight is a summary of the legacy that the author wishes to bequeath to posterity. The challenge to the prospective recipients of the models as a bequest is to take up the baton and put the models to test for validation with empirical results. It is anticipated that there will be future editions of Makumane II which will be presenting the results that support the validity or otherwise of the models.

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Chaka Ntsane

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Agriculture, horticulture, forestry, fishery, nutrition