Translator's Visibility in Turkish Translations of "A Writer's Diary"

Translator's Visibility in Turkish Translations of "A Writer's Diary"

A Comparative Analysis of Two Turkish Translations of Virginia Woolf's "A Writer's Diary" with Translation Theories

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2017-09-11 )

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Literary translator acts as a mediator while transferring a literary work which belongs to a certain culture, society and time to a different culture, society and time. Considering the translator's points of view, personality and creativity, it can be said that there is a positional relation among the source culture, target culture and the translator. The aim of this book is to determine the literary translator's position between the source and the target cultures. As a case study, Virginia Woolf's "A Writer's Diary" and its two Turkish translations by Fatih Özgüven (1995) and Oya Dalgıç (2014) have been chosen. In the framework of the concepts "translator's invisibility", "feminist translation" and "translator's voice", these two translations have been compared. In this book, the translator's role has been emphasized considering his/her role as a central element in creating the foreign author's image in the target culture. This book will provide the readers who read translated literature with a new perspective. Along with the scholars of translation studies and gender and women's studies, those who read translations will find this book interesting.

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