Consumer Protection Act in Healthcare

Consumer Protection Act in Healthcare

A Specialized Guide for Dental health professionals

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2020-03-27 )

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This book gives an insight to all health care professionals regarding the importance of Consumer Protection Act in health sector and updates them regarding the Consumer Protection laws and redressal mechanisms in our country. In this 21st Century, it has become a need to maintain the sanctity of the profession by providing health care facilities, those which are correct and true to the patients or consumers. Moreover, the widespread awareness of consumer protection act among the consumers has led to rising conflicts among the doctor and patient as consumer over the minute things which happen in a health care scenario. Along with the medical profession, the dental profession has far more experienced the differences in the opinions of doctor and patients due to certain misunderstandings, which has resulted in numerous complaints against the doctors. If this continues, the consumer protection will lead a misleading path in the doctor-patient relationship in the near future. So equal justice should be given to the service-providers (doctors) and consumers (patients) when a dispute arises, and hence essential and up-to-date knowledge and awareness should be present among both of them.

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Dr. Asawari Shidhore
Dr. Vineet Vinay

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