Reflective Journal Writing for Primary Students’ Writing Abilities

Reflective Journal Writing for Primary Students’ Writing Abilities

Learning by doing

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2019-11-29 )

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The learning and teaching English in Vietnam has not been a new issue for ages. It has especially gained more attention in such a rapid economic and social development. New curriculums have been planned, new textbooks have been tried out, modern teaching approaches and methods have been discussed and applied. However, it is just a turning point in which not all aspects of renovation can be successfully carried out. In many schools in Vietnam, Grammar Translation Method alone, which focused on the translation of text and the rote learning of vocabulary, is still used to teach all skills, no matter it is reading, writing, speaking or listening and regardless of what learning objective that is. Teachers say the words, students repeat. Teachers force students to memorize the words by copying. Students learn writing by translating sentences from their mother tongue to English and vice versa. Thus, the effectiveness of the teaching and learning English has been not as good as expected. This research aimed at examining the impacts of reflective journal writings (RJW) on the learning of vocabulary and writing performance of primary students at Vinschool Central Park, Ho Chi Minh City.

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Pham Vu Phi Ho
Tran Thi Niem My My

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