Vaginal Microbiome

Vaginal Microbiome

Modern Possibilities of an Integrated Approach to the Diagnosis and Correction of the Disorders in Reproductive-Age Women

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2019-11-28 )

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The book discusses the modern possibilities to the management of patients with various conditions of the vaginal biocenosis, namely, with nonspecific vaginitis, pregnant women with an intermediate type of microbiota against a background of high infectious risk, and bacterial vaginosis during gestation.As an etiological agent of nonspecific vaginitis, a predominance of opportunistic microorganisms of intestinal origin was detected against the background of a complete absence or low titer of lactobacillary flora. The use of two-stage local therapy of aerobic vaginitis contributed to the relief of clinical symptoms, normalization of the colposcopic picture and landscape of the vaginal smear. he dotsіlnіst of the routine assessment otnichi pihvi and sanitation of the statutes of the grooms before the canopies and in the period of the women with the industrial type of the cenosis with the high cut of purulent-septic acceleration is brought up. Combination of probabilities with a new approach has been introduced to prevent the recurrence of BV in children in front of the canopies at the same time as another stage of therapeutic access to achieve higher clinical effectiveness.

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Natalya Lutsenko
Oksana Mazur
Konstantin Ostrovsky

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