The pathology of Acquiring English as a Foreign Language

The pathology of Acquiring English as a Foreign Language

At Pre-schools from Parents and Experts’ Perspective

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2019-10-07 )

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The subject of the present study is The Pathology of Acquiring English as a Foreign Language at Pre-schools from Parents and Experts’ Perspective. Based on the subject of the study the two research questions were formulated. Question number one attempts to see why parents are so eager to expose their children to learn English language. The second question also tries to find out that to what extent the Pre-schools benefit from learning the English language. In order to answer the aforementioned questions, two questionnaires were carried out, one for the parents and the other one for the English teachers. The researcher also interviewed with both parents and teachers. In fact, it was discovered that parents believed that it is beneficial to send their children to English institute at earlier ages since learning English is important to them. The researcher came to the conclusion that English teachers believe that pre-school learners learn at a lower pace. Additionally, learning English at very young ages will help them learn the school materials more easily and faster than other children do.

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Arezou Bagherzadeh

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English linguistics / literature science