Soil formation in toposequences

Soil formation in toposequences

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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2019-10-08 )

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A ‘toposequence’ or ‘catena’ refers to a series of soils which vary with respect to their morphological, physico-chemical and other characteristics only because of the difference in topography, remaining all other factors of soil formation as same. Almost all parts of our country except the sea coast areas and the Indo-Gangetic plain have toposequences. Study of soils in toposequence can give us a better understanding of the different geogenic and pedogenic factors which have acted upon in the formation of soils of a particular area. In addition, toposequence forms the basic principle of watershed. Therefore, knowledge and understanding of toposequence will help in effective watershed management for the benefit of the rural masses of our country. As a whole, this book is a compilation of basic concept of toposequence, description of soil forming factors, effective research findings along with suitable remedial measures for proper land resource management in different land types. Hence, this publication will be helpful as a reference material for students, teachers, researchers, extension officers, administrators and everyone having a concern for land and water resource management.

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Dr. Antaryami Mishra
Dr. Subhashis Saren
Prava Kiran Dash

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Agriculture, horticulture, forestry, fishery, nutrition