Training, Development, and Employee Performance in Organizations

Training, Development, and Employee Performance in Organizations

A Study of Selected 21st Century Business Organizations in the Service Industry

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2020-03-19 )

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The general success of organizations in the 21st century Service Industry is crucial to their leadership. In this turbulent world of business, where organizations struggle to keep up with the pace of technological developments, leaders ought to realize that employees are the most valuable assets on which the performance of the organization is based. Employee competence therefore becomes critical. This study consequently examined the influence of T & D on employee performance, specifically, in the 21st century Service Industry. The study revealed the importance of T & D, which conveniently helps in reducing costs of supervision, wastage, and industrial accidents thereby enhancing quality and productivity, which are the cherished goals of any 21st century organization. Contributions may lead to achieving competitive advantage, and further lead to enhanced employee and organizational performance. Recommendations to leadership include ensuring Management’s support in T & D activities by allocating adequate financial resources and making T & D a compulsory practice. Leadership should ensure employees benefit from relevant programs to help impact their performance.

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Ph.D, DBA, Jemima Lomotey

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Business management